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Guide to Village of Oxford, NY Services

Water and Sewer Utilities, Department of Public Works, Police Department, Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Squad. In the summer there is the summer swimming recreation program. The Oxford Youth Sports Program offers Baseball, Softball, and Soccer for kids under 13. There is available a Community Youth Center for middle school through high school kids.

All properties have been assigned 911 (Enhanced Emergency) numbers that should be displayed on the houses in reflective numbers so that emergency response personnel may locate your house easily.

Dates to Remember

Water/Sewer Billing
January 1, April 1,
July 1, October 1

Village Taxes
June 1

Village Election
3rd Tuesday in June

Spring Cleanup
Last week in April and first two weeks in May

Fall Cleanup
Middle three weeks in October

No Parking on Streets
from November 1st--April 30th, from 3:00am through 6:00am for snow removal.